Training with theoretical and practical courses

Etruria Volo Ltd, has elaborated a theoretical and practical UAV training program.

The lessons take place using different teaching methods: classroom , video projection, the use of computer based training, and practical activities; that could help the development of aeronautical culture level of the student.

We provide:

Theoretical training

Practical training

At the end of the theoretical and practical courses will be issued a "certification for UAV pilot recognized (approved) by ENAC..

The Civil Aviation Authority regulation, come into force from 30.04.2014 and subsequently amended several times, provides that it is required a specific flight certification for UAV activities: working with licensed aircraft and finally acquiring the certification of approved operators. it will be possible to carry out the UAV activities in full compliance with current legislation.

Theoretical Training (Medical Examination included)

This UAV Pilot Training Certification Course focuses on aeronautical studies and on knowledge of UAV system .The main goal is to provide students with the knowledge necessary for the achievement of theoretical qualification for UAV pilot . The candidate passes their theory assessment they are then allowed to proceed onto the practical assessment

The contents of theoretical Course

  • Aviation Regulations;
  • UAV Theory; 
  • Fight Safety;
  • Principles of the flight and Aeronautical Propulsion;
  • Communication;
  • Mission planning and Navigation; 
  • Meteorology.

Practical Training Course

The practical training Course provide the qualification to get a pilot of UAV. The practical flying trainings are directed and coordinated by an instructor pilot approved by ENAC as "Pilot in Chief." The practical exam is designed to ensure that key elements required to operate a UAV are understood and demonstrated in a safe manner.

The Contents of del practical course

Flight stabilized

  • Introduction to the operation with UAV
  • Planning missions with GCS
  • Management of missions with GCS
  • Emergencies

Manual flight

  • Changing direction
  • Climb;
  • Takes off
  • Landings 
  • Emergencies

Final Examination


The theoretical course will last 33 hours and will take place at the Aero Club Serristori, Loc. Manciano 225 - Castiglion Fiorentino (AR). The course will be scheduled according to the number of registration.

The practical training duration is estimated to be approximately 2 to 4 days, but depending on previous student. The course will be scheduled on the number of registrations.

In collaboration with l’AereoClub Serristori.

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