Technological and professional services based on the use Drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV)

Etruria Volo Ltd is established in 2015, and has its headquarter at the Aero Club Serristori in Castiglion Fiorentino (AR).
Etruria Volo employs qualified and certified team in the use of UAVs, with long operational experience on monitoring activities and aerial photography for individuals, companies and public authorities.  Moreover provides consulting in Italy and in the rest of the world.
Etruria Volo Ltd is recognized by ENAC as UAV training company

  • Vertical / horizontal photogrammetry

    Technique allows to detect metric data of an object more

  • Thermal and Multispectral Survey

    The UAV are equipped with infrared camera systems interpretable through processing more

  • Photo and video shooting

    Direct acquisition of image data in the visible spectrum, for shooting in high-risk or difficult to access areas more

  • UAV systems design and production

    UAV all inclusive packages more