Infrared (IR) and multispectral detections

UAV can be equipped with numerous optical sensors, depending on the customer needs, which can detect data in the infrared (IR), near infrared (NIR) and red-edge (between RED and NIR) bands. These sets of data is then analyzed and processed with specialized rendering software.


Environmental monitoring and control

UAV are used for technical and environmental surveys over not easily accessible areas, to monitor unstable rock walls, geomorphological elements, cavities, caves and river gorges. UAV can monitor a specific territory measuring physical parameters, level of pollution, radioactivity and the degree of contamination of particular area.

In the geological field, UAV allow to monitor the activities of volcanic areas, to map territories for landslides and hydrogeological instability prevention, earthquakes analysis and to carry out mining exploration.


Infrastructure and industrial facilities monitoring and inspections

UAV are used in building and infrastructure fields with many types of applications. UAV are able to check the buildings maintenance status, data detection and aerial photogrammetry, geomorphological research in impracticable areas, bridge, dyke and railways status monitoring, especially for areas which could not be accessed with other vehicles and with cost and time optimization.

UAV are used in the industrial field for environmental inspections, where high risk for human life exists, for example high-tension lines and contaminated areas with toxic and polluting substances.

Photovoltaic system monitoring and wind turbines inspections

UAV are fitted with various types of sensors, in particular, cameras, thermo graphic cameras or optical sensors used to provide fast, precise, efficient, safe and versatile monitoring of photovoltaic systems and wind turbines of any type and dimension.

This type of system are combined according all needs allowing the use of different type of sensors that could be combined according the needs, for fast and correct systems malfunction detection.