Our activities and applications

In recent years, technologies related to the development of UAV systems experienced a rapid growth. Particularly the technological development in the field of sensors, allows to equip the UAV with many types of sensors, operating in the visible spectrum (compact digital cameras or professional), infrared (thermal cameras), multispectral sensors until the more advanced sensors (such as LIDAR or analyzers for air quality monitoring).

    • UAV systems design, construction, testing, approval, certification, marketing, management and maintenance of aircraft and / or components.

    • Consulting and specialist with UAVs for: visual survey and monitoring, photogrammetry with georeferenced three- dimensional reconstruction of spaces, laser and infrared scan for liquid or gaseous leakages detection spectral analysis for building/equipment structural conditions checking, solar panels efficiency verification, precision agriculture.

    • Consulting and assistance for homologation and authorizations procedures with flight competent authorities.

    • Third parties staff training for the use of aircraft and installed equipment.

    • Teaching activities, training and testing of new solutions in professional use of UAVs and related on board equipment.

    • Reverse engineering with reconstruction of project documentation through surveys, analysis, measurement and control of individual elements and of their functional complex.

    • Software, tools and procedures to support the user in every utilization phase of the supplied products, starting from training to management, to maintenance and periodic reviews.

Our fleet consists of: